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Microsoft azure responds to Amazon's price reductions

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Microsoft has responded to the Amazon Web services announced last week price reduction and reduced the tariffs also its Cloudangebot Windows azure. While the changes at Amazon February 1, Microsoft's new rates until March 13 into force.

Like when Amazon price reductions involve cloud storage specifically Windows azure General Manager Steven Martin writes in a blog post. The competent services of the Microsoft bear the names of block BLOB storage and disks/page BLOB storage. You are now according to Microsoft "in many regions of less expensive than AWS be".

Martin writes: "we are neck and neck with the lowest prices from AWS S3 and EBS (in the US East region), by we reduce our prices by 20 percent, and the lower rates in all regions around the world expose." For locally redundant reduce prices by up to 28 percent discs/page BLOBs storage we. Azure storage transactions are in addition to 50 per cent cheaper."

S3 stands at Amazon Simple storage service, EBS for elastic block store. Differently than Microsoft Amazon daughter price differentiates between location, so the data center that provides the resources booked. It was Amazon's 40th price reduction since the start of the Cloudangebots.

Microsoft had announced in April 2013, it will keep up with basic services such as computing power, storage, and bandwidth in the future with Amazon Web services. To benefit from price reductions, however customers should conclude contracts with terms of six or twelve months, otherwise the agreed tariff applies to the end of the contract. This limitation no longer exists according to Microsoft now, the new prices are valid from 13 March for all customers.

[with material from Mary Jo Foley,]

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