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Microsoft is apparently prior to a surface-tablet with LTE

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Microsoft could soon bring a surface tablet with LTE support on the market. Such a device company officials had put it last fall for early 2014 prospect. Now, Microsoft has received the necessary permits the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Telecommunications Agency as including Neowin and Engadget are reporting.

The device in the FCC documents designated as "Portable Computing Device" should be a surface 2. Suggesting a drawing of a tablet with the 10.6-inch display that is known from the surface 2 contained in the application. Also, it says that the device with Windows RT 8.1 has been tested.

Obviously, Microsoft equips so initially only the ARM based surface with LTE instead of the Intel-based version of Pro. This is consistent with the statements of the group in the past year: "Windows RT will be a strong platform for tablet with 3 G / 4G-Funktionalität." Already at that time, Microsoft said that a surface of 2 with LTE would initially support the networks of AT & T and Vodafone.

With the Nokia Lumia 2520 ARM based Tablet with LTE support and Windows RT 8.1 in the United States is available today. It is distributed from the mobile operators Verizon and AT & T.

Rumored that Microsoft is also working on a scaled-down version of its surface tablets. She should have a 7 or 8 inch widescreen. To the installed processor, there are conflicting speculation: the one by an ARM chip go out, the others by an Intel CPU. With a start of the mini-surface was expected last spring 2014.

[with material from Mary Jo Foley,, and Brooke Crothers,]

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