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Microsoft plans free OneNote for OS X

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Microsoft readies X according to sources of the ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley publishing a free full version of OneNote for OS. It should be available "in brief". The same will have experienced the verge also from its sources. So far, OneNote was Apple customers only on iPad and iPhone available.

Foley, Microsoft also wants to offer as a free app for Windows desktops OneNote. The Notes application of part of the fee-based Office suite is currently. However, the software group requires no money now for the OneNote Web app, as well as the Metro-style version for Windows 8.

Together with the free update, Microsoft introduces Clipper, as well as the app Office lens also said a new service called OneNote. According to Foley's sources, Clipper synchronized links between browsers and Smartphones. Office lens which offers a text recognition via Smartphone camera and can synchronize recordings with the cloud. The verge, however, reported Clipper sophistication, parts of websites directly from browsers such as chrome, in a note to insert Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Foley suggested that the new OneNote for OS will be X included in the updated Office suite for Mac, which will appear later in the year. Probably Microsoft OneNote will offer but before X as a standalone application for OS.

Microsoft wants to claim using the version and new features against other notes apps, above all EverNote, goes on to say in Foley's blog. For this, the company will open also its OneNote - programming interface to developers to make it easier to write applications based on OneNote.

[with material from Mary Jo Foley,]

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