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Microsoft silently updated surface-Pro 2-CPU

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Microsoft has secretly missed a processor update his Windows 8 tablet surface Pro 2. The exact time is not known, can be passed since the introduction in October but little more than two months. WinBeta became attentive care; also exists in an updated model.

The tablet with an Intel Core i5 4200U 1.6 GHz clock was originally equipped. The core i5 4300U incurred in its place pulses with 1.9 GHz, almost 20 percent higher.

Communicated to the manufacturer on demand: "Microsoft makes routinely small changes internal components in the course of a product's life. Numerous factors decide about partnerships in the supply chain, availability, and benefits for our customers." A buyer who therefore have reservations, could like to contact technical support.

Technical data of current Surface Pro 2 (screenshot:

Tests confirm that the Surface Pro 2 is one of a few tablets, which use still a CPU for notebooks (while this was standard 12 years ago). Microsoft obviously wanted an atom processor nor a Y series processor use, but one of the U-series. The advantage: In benchmarks the surface closer to the MacBook Air (June 2013) 2 Pro as other tablets. After updating the distance should decreased once again.

The disadvantages are of course a shorter battery life, and a relatively large thickness. The Tablet measures 27.5 times 17.5 times 1.35 inches and weighs approximately 900 grams – twice as much as Apple's iPad air. The term range under typical load not quite for an eight-hour work day.

[with material by Brooke Crothers,]

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