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Microsoft: Skype now runs on Windows azure - SkyDrive to follow

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Microsoft shifted some of its biggest cloud services in the public cloud, Windows azure. The VoIP service Skype is now running on the platform, revealed the responsible as Corporate Vice President for azure Scott Guthrie in an interview with the register. Worked on the transition from SkyDrive.

2012 already, Microsoft Manager confirmed that the Skype infrastructure on supernodes in Microsoft's data centers has been transferred. You wanted to not comment however on operating system and environment for hosting. In September 2013 reported Microsoft by 50 billion conversation minutes between Skype users in the Windows azure cloud, but still no clear information who ran parts of the Skype infrastructure on azure or other platforms.

The next major step, Microsoft now organized the move of the SkyDrive storage service. "At SkyDrive they are to shut down their old servers and to move completely to Azure with everything", said Guthrie. "All new memory contents go to Azure."

Representatives from Microsoft said repeatedly publicly that should run new cloud services and features as possible from the outset on Windows azure. The company has any plans but to move also established services such as Hotmail or Outlook, Xbox Live and Bing. At least for the foreseeable future they will continue data centers on dedicated servers in Microsoft's author Mary Jo Foley learned.

Only "parts" of Xbox Live and Xbox games run on Windows azure. Although it was already announced previously also run Office 365 nor its components of SharePoint online, Exchange online and Lync online on the azure platform.

[with material from Mary Jo Foley,]

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