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Microsoft withdraws faulty firmware update for Surface Pro 2

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Microsoft has withdrawn the latest firmware update for its Windows 8 tablet surface Pro 2. It thus responds to reports from users who had reported a significantly reduced battery life the past week released software after the installation.

"To ensure the best possible experience for our customers over the Christmas period, we have taken steps, to remove the update for the Surface Pro 2, which was distributed to the 10 December 2013 through Windows Update. We are working to publish an alternative update package after the Christmas holidays", a Microsoft spokesman confirmed.

So far, Microsoft offers no assistance in the battery affected users. There is also no official workaround.

The faulty update is one of several updates that had deployed Microsoft on his recent patch day for the surface tablets. The update for the Surface Pro 2 included a patch that surface cover should improve the interaction with the dust cover, including the low-power "sleep" function.

Users who installed the update, but a significantly increased battery consumption, found instead that the Surface Pro 2 correctly enters the idle state. On some devices, an error occurred also at the installation of the update, as demonstrated by numerous complaints in the Microsoft answers forum.

In the past few weeks, users had reported other problems with their surface. Some describe spontaneous reboots after upgrading to Windows 8.1 in the Microsoft forums. Others say that their ARM based surface RT or surface 2 at boot time requesting the BitLocker recovery key, after the latest firmware is installed. Microsoft has become the described problems so far not expressed.

[with material from Mary Jo Foley,]

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