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Mozilla makes Firefox sync

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Mozilla has started testing for a simple synchronization of bookmarks, open tabs, website passwords, and other Firefox settings. So far it begins a rather complicated method, the users to the matching a paring code displayed in the browser in the browser of another device must enter. In the future, it wants to use the classical username-password input for Firefox sync as is evident from a blog entry.

The present approach has the advantage that Mozilla must operate any user database. At the same time, he is even more cumbersome for the user. Apparently, Mozilla has changed so his mind and offers in the future Firefox accounts - similar to Google chrome.

Synchronization is becoming increasingly important for Web browsers, but multiple devices such as tablets and Smartphones because most users use rather than a PC. The data matching not only ensures that stored passwords on all devices available, but improves other browser features such as auto-completion.

The new user name and password authentication method has integrated in the latest nightly version of Firefox Mozilla, adventurous users can use to test the latest features. The hold time is simplified synchronization even in the more stable versions of the browser.

"While the older version of sync will continue to work, the latest version of Firefox no longer supported adding new devices to the old version of sync. This means that the synchronization with a new device is not possible", explains Mozilla.

[with material by Stephen Shankland,]

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