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MWC: Polaris app generator ported Android apps on Tizen

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The Korean company Infraware presented a program called Polaris app generator or short PAG on the Mobile World Congress. His task is to port apps for Android Tizen rival (but so far not available smartphones) operating system.

Infraware demonstrates a Tizen-prototype of Android apps on the MWC (image:

Similar to the not too successful Android player BlackBerry PAG takes the APK file and transforms it into an executable by Tizen OS. Developers have to spend thus no additional work, to offer Tizen programs, and for porting the source code of the program is not even required.

For Infraware, Young Moon, the worldwide responsible for the business development manager, explained a Dalvik runtime environment might be given in virtually the compiled code, so he easily run into Tizen. Infraware requires $5,000 per app for the service by developers, however. This includes full support for two years - according to Infraware typical life span for an app.

The high fee to simultaneously deter counterfeiters, who want to sell the programs of others for their own benefit. Many unauthorized converted Android programs were found in the BlackBerry market over a year ago.

Infraware also seems that there is so far no available smartphones with Tizen to irritate: most recently, NTT DoCoMo had cancelled a device planned for Japan. Meanwhile the Korean company moved namely above all Internet-ready TVs is expected to on other types of devices, which also use Tizen.

[with material from Aloysius low,]

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