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Nokia maps service from Apple's app store

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Nokia has withdrawn its maps service of here maps from Apple's app store, developing for iOS. The reason Indian could bring express experience: "iOS 7 damage the user experience." The iOS app had introduced Nokia in November 2012.

Pedestrian navigation in New York with Nokia's "Here Maps" IOS (screenshot: Nokia).

Another reason may have been little interest. Who was unhappy with Apple maps, reinstalled the previous standard card program by iOS, namely Google maps itself last year. Even if here maps had the opportunity ahead two downloadable maps for offline use, was its market share on iPhones and iPads in addition to these two options is probably extremely low.

Nokia indicates that iPhone users continue to use the service on, if they so wish. He had heard the prescriptions by Apple CEO Tim Cook as the apologized for the breakdowns by Apple maps: "As long as we improve maps, you can try out alternatives, by about download Bing, MapQuest or Waze from the app store or use the webapps Google or Nokia, by going on their sites and create an icon for your home screen."

Here is one of three remaining business units of Nokia - in addition to the Department of intellectual property, as well as Nokia solutions and networks (NSN) after the sale of the device Division at Microsoft. The app here maps is available for Windows phone. Nokia sees but mostly cloud card services for automobiles as its future.

[with material by Matthew Miller,]

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