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O2 introduces unit quotas for business customers

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

O2 launches a new service for business customers in early April with "O2 Unite". Instead of complete individual rates for each employee, companies doing buy quotas of conversation minutes, SMS and data volume, which all employees can share. That should allow them full control of costs with low-overhead and flexible scalability.

Unused units can be transferred to the subsequent months at the end of the month. A deployed monitoring tool gives an overview of the current consumption. According to O2, there is always the same monthly total price covering the connections of all employees. This includes also the roaming use abroad.

On demand companies can set up user profiles for their employees, because, for example, not every roaming larger amounts of data required. Easily the size of the company to adapt the offer also let: SIM cards can be booked at any time add or switched off. You have neither a term nor a fee.

In the first three months, companies have the opportunity to test O2 unite to optimally adjust the amount of their monthly quotas for free. If their initial assessment should not agree, you can always customize their pools during the test phase or on the previous tariffs from O2 switch business.

However, customers complete a contract with a term of 27 months already with the beginning of the three-month try & buy phase. For the specified quotas from O2 unite, this results a period of 24 months. The remaining quotas can be still 12 months need to after the end of the contract.

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