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Oracle Buys Netzwerkvirtualisierer Corente

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Oracle has taken over Corente delivers applications for software-defined networks. According to the press release, its customers of easier future cloud applications can establish and provide private networks. Corentes the most important product is called cloud service Exchange (CSX). This central platform distributed applications over any network.

Corente was founded in 2007 and was until now in private ownership. Oracle has not made public the purchase price. Corentes customers include British Telecom.

A film by Oracle shows how Corente to insert in its product range: namely in the virtualization layer, as a supply for WAN virtualization - near and in contrast to the LAN and I/O virtualization. Ultimately, it is Oracle's plan to put together packages of cloud-computing infrastructure and software-defined networks.

2012, Oracle with Xsigo had ever bought a company busy with virtualization. No price was also then known. His software fabric Director allowed all the servers in the network, flexible and dynamic networks and storage systems to connect. This network virtualization Oracle wanted to connect its own server virtualization.

Modules for Oracle's today's network strategy were also the acquisition of Acme Packet (in February 2013 for $1.9 billion) and iptelorg (in March 2013 at an unknown price). Acme sold network equipment for voice and data services, and unified communication. Iptelorg was specialized software, which allows for liquid data in both wireless and wired broadband networks.

With Corente, Oracle extended its offer around the blue-marked point WAN virtualization (image: Oracle).

[with material from Larry Dignan,]

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