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Patent application by Apple indicates new maps app

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Apple is apparently revise its map app completely. A yesterday published patent application suggests, AppleInsider has discovered. He describes an "interactive map", which combined various information based on a user's location and highlights about tourist attractions and other places in the area.

The information can be in the form of levels, which are associated with specific categories, fade in and out. The data itself comes from mapping services or third-party sites.

An Apple patent application describes a new app for "interactive map" (image: Apple / USPTO).

So, for example, roads, parks, shops, airports, and weather data can be either individually or together in a card view show. That in itself is not new, but Apple wants to enable its users to customize these views their needs in detail. So for example all the roads in a plane can be represented, or the user decides to divide highways and secondary roads on different levels.

In addition, users are able should be to restrict a search to the currently displayed level. So, a search would supply stores in the area as a result for "Food" in walking mode, sell the food. In tourist mode, however, the search results would contain restaurants or Cafés.

The application that Apple wants to expand also the operation by touch gestures. When clicking on a city provides the app details such as flight schedules and hotels, gas stations, hotels and restaurants are displayed when clicking on a highway. Touch two points on the map, the app automatically calculates the distance and suggests possible routes.

[with material by Lance Whitney,]

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