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Privacy advocates investigate incident at Adobe by October

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The Irish data protection authority has initiated an investigation of a security incident at Adobe last year in which 38 million user data had been stolen. The Office of the data protection Commissioner (DPC) now confirmed to "It started immediately an investigation of the incident, which is still running", it said in the statement.

Adobe had reached an agreement, the Irish authority in October together with its users and the media. It first went out of 2.9 million patients, but later correct on 38 million and had to finally concede that the number could - be far higher in up to 100 million. Credit card numbers were taken in some cases, in many encrypted password the user name and the E-Mail address.

Adobe is registered as Google, Facebook, and many other technology companies in Ireland. Its European headquarters is responsible even for all countries in the world outside of North America. Therefore, the investigation in the area of the Irish data protection reporting they had received a number of complaints from individuals in case of falls.

The Irish DPC is responsible also for Facebook and LinkedIn. Recently, it was because of his restrained investigations in case of "Europe vs Facebook" been criticized. The Viennese student initiative had been under EU data protection law against European subsidiary of Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Skype and Yahoo ads. Their complaints are directed against their potential cooperation with the US intelligence service NSA and the transfer of user data in the United States. DPC incumbent of Billy Hawkes rejected the criticism with the comment that he seek no "confrontational form of regulation".

[with material from Liam Tung,]

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