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Report: Apple testing solar and motion charging for iWatch

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Apple has allegedly experimented with different loading techniques for his reported Smartwatch "iWatch" as the New York Times reported. Therefore, Wireless charging through electromagnetic induction and the use of solar cells have been tested.

Apple also check a "charge of the battery through movement, a method that is used today in many modern watches", writes the newspaper. "The swinging arm of the carrier could drive a tiny charging station, which generates electricity while walking and submits it to the device." Apple 2009 applied a patent for this technology.

The arduous search results for an alternative to the traditional battery, that otherwise too quickly the juice would work out a Smartwatch with a powerful processor. Thus, it would be very attractive to potential customers.

The battery life is also a main point of criticism on current Smartwatch models. Samsung's Galaxy gear last about only about a day. Sony's SmartWatch 2 creates at least three to four days, and the Pebble funded through Kickstarter puts it in around a week duration. A continuous charge using solar or kinetic energy would give a significant advantage iWatch so Apple's.

The New York Times cited in this respect Tony Fadell, "one of the fathers of the iPod": Apple tried "many years" to develop a new battery, for example, by means of solar charging. Ultimately it was a failure.

In addition, the New York Times report reviewed previous rumors of a curved glass surface for the iOS wristwatch. In their bits blog, the newspaper reports that Apple's intended iWatch not only as iPhone remote control, but also to draw on fitness and health data.

[with material by Brooke Crothers,]

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