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Report: Apple touts from technicians from HTC

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Apple has hired journal engineers and buyers from HTC and other Taiwanese technology companies according to a report of the Wall Street, to build even teams in Shanghai and Taipei. This should take care of supposedly the development of new components for the iPhone and iPad, suggesting according to the report, that Apple wants to bring out more products and shorten the distance between the generations.

Since mid-2013, Apple have increased by several hundred the number of technicians and staff in product development in China, so the sources of the WSJ. Apple also hired new buyers of its suppliers in response to the criticism of the working conditions at some. Meanwhile, Apple in China dealing in the areas of developing and managing more than 600 people.

In August, Apple on LinkedIn to have addressed also targeted engineers of HTC, as well as the Taiwanese contract manufacturers Inventec and quanta. "Apple builds a team of technicians in Taipei, which should accelerate the development of new iPhones", quotes the WSJ from an E-Mail from Apple to potential candidates.

In the September Apple had introduced two new iPhone models in its history: the iPhone 5 successor 5s, as well as the cheaper iPhone 5 C with colored plastic enclosure. A month later followed the air iPad and the iPad mini with retina display. According to rumors the iPhone 6 in June on the market could come.

The iPhone 5S should have given also Apple record sales in China. The Wall Street Journal reported in February, citing figures of the market researchers of IDC, that the market share of the iPhone manufacturer in China have increased to 7 per cent. This number could rise further in the first quarter. Since January 17, China also has mobile, the world's largest mobile carrier, the iPhone 5 and 5 C in the program.

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