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Report: Asus stomps a combination of Windows and Android Duet

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The ASUS transformer book Duet TD300 2014 starts not as announced in the first half of the year. It reported at least the Wall Street Journal. The hybrid device from notebook and tablet should bring both Android and Windows as operating system.

ASUS had unveiled it in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. According to the business newspaper was sources but neither Microsoft nor Google excited by the idea, so moved the unit indefinitely.

"Google want pure Android based devices," the WSJ quoted one of its sources. Even Microsoft accept only Windows devices, if no other operating system is installed. However, Asus will already have devices with two operating systems in the program - the PCs transformer AiO P1801 and P1802. It is expected to have to hire both.

Also, Intel and AMD had announced support for parallel installations of Windows and Android at CES. Observers and media celebrated dual-boot devices as a benefit for the customer, which could stimulate sales. Now, it looks like the hardware manufacturers would have to convince once their OS partners.

Google's strict requirements for Android-OEM-partner were gworden - perhaps known in February by an oversight of a court. For example, should a company that some of Google's applications?YouTube and maps about? want to pre-install, all other record, partly as a default app for certain operations. Other, less restrictive rules apply to the Android open source project. Inserting this, the buyer will probably wonder about the absence of Google apps.

[with material by Don Reisinger,]

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