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Report: Google offered $10 billion for WhatsApp

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Google has reportedly also tried to take over the messaging service WhatsApp. The reported fortune, citing several people who had knowledge of the talks according to own. Therefore, the bid of the Internet Group amounted to $10 billion. Facebook announced the acquisition of WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars on Tuesday after the market close.

According to the report, the business has failed not only to a lower bid. Google offered in addition also a seat of the Board of Directors WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum. Facebook Koum will belong to the Supervisory Board, however, after completion of the transaction.

Google wanted to confirm the report on demand by fortune. Early April 2013 US media reported however, Google negotiate for four to five weeks with WhatsApp about a takeover. Purchase price was then supposedly almost a billion dollars in the area.

The information also indicates the Internet Group promised WhatsApp several million dollars if it inform him about takeover offers by third parties. WhatsApp to have knocked out but this offer.

Now, Facebook WhatsApp to continue as an independent company. In addition, CEO Mark Zuckerberg defended the high purchase price, which sets new standards for technology companies. The agreed takeover for $19 billion to justify thus especially faster than on Facebook growing active users as well as the strong presence in emerging markets.

Zuckerberg according to WhatsApp could reach over a billion people worldwide within a few years. There are currently 450 million active users. He wants to hang on to the ad-free business model also. That reiterate also WhatsApp founder Koum in a blog post.

[with material by Don Reisinger,]

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