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Report: Sony releases in its factories

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Sony plans according to a report from Japan, a number of hitherto unknown to dismiss to become profitable again in the field of home electronics factory worker. Nikkei writes that severance would currently offered to the employees of Sony EMCS.

The 2001 founded company Sony EMCS is a wholly owned Sony subsidiary entrusted with the production of electronics. It has five factories in Japan with together 5000 employees.

Since taking office, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai fights against sustained losses in the electronics segment. His goal was to make the Division profitable this fiscal year. On October 31, but Sony had must reduce its forecast for sales of digital cameras, televisions and computers (including notebooks), after it suffered a net loss of 19.3 billion yen (134 million euros) in the second quarter.

Last year, Sony had dismissed 10,000 staff. Nikkei points out, it has found no way yet in electronics, to exist in addition to Korean competitors. Sony also missed the trend of consumers. Instead of PCs and digital cameras, smartphones and tablets would eventually more and more purchased. And finally, economic growth in the developing markets have declined.

Last week had become known, that Panasonic and Sony give up the joint development of affordable OLED TVs. The technical hurdles would have proved to be insurmountable, it said.

[with material by Brooke Crothers,]

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