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Report: Steve Ballmer could soon have as Bill Gates more Microsoft shares

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will grow mid 2014 to the world's largest independent shareholder of Microsoft, if you extrapolate the development of last year's. Computerworld has pointed out. So far, founder and Chairman Bill Gates holds the most Microsoft shares.

At the beginning of the year, ahead of his successor to the post of CEO gates had about 25 million shares. Its share is equivalent to 4.5 percent of all Microsoft shares - Ballmer are about 4 per cent.

However, Gates sold about 20 million shares every quarter in the cut. Ballmer, however, called just the other day, in his last official letter to Microsoft's shareholders - as an "Investor, who appreciate his Microsoft shares".

The message is of particular interest, given that investors have asked to remove gates and Ballmer from Microsoft's Supervisory Board. There are no signs that this could really happen. 2013 both by the shareholders again for a year had been confirmed.

By ZDNet sources at Microsoft is also not heard that the presence of gates and Ballmer will slow the CEO search, as it claimed the Wall Street Journal. Anyway, is likely a candidate out of place if he can not arrange with the presence of Ballmer and gates in the Supervisory Board as well as with the restructuring carried out in the last year by Ballmer "One Microsoft".

In the CEO question, for the first time unique publicly, just Ford CEO Alan Mulally has said. He will serve at least until the end of 2014 for Ford and am therefore not available for the Chief post at Microsoft.

[with material from Mary Jo Foley,]

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