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Report: TSMC manufactures Apple's upcoming mobile processor A8

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

How the Taiwanese technology site TechNews report, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) has already begun production of Apple's next generation of processor A8. The report by MacRumours coincides with statements a source from CNET, according to which the Taiwanese contract manufacturer has launched the production even in the last year. So far, Samsung was the only supplier of Apple processors.

Rumored TSMC manufactures the successor to Apple's 64-bit processor A7 (image: Apple).

The source from CNET said in December, TSMC was to become Apple's main supplier for mobile processors, which probably also applies to future chip generations such as the A8. But the source did not on single processor models.

TechNews goes even one step further and will have learned that TSMC will be the only producer of the A8. Apple has decided on the basis of its experience with the new 20-nanometer manufacturing process for TSMC.

On Sunday, the KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had expressed doubts about Apple's ability - or willingness - 2014 retina to bring out a new generation of the iPad mini. He also claimed that suspected "iPad Pro" with 12.9-inch display has been postponed to 2015. Should it verify, the A8 initially only in an updated iPad air, as well as a new iPhone would be used.

Generally, chip manufacturers again encounter unforeseen problems. As TSMC may have had past difficulties in the production of Apple processors. According to rumors there were also disagreements between the two companies.

[with material by Brooke Crothers,]

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