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Report: Yahoo is back to search algorithms

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Yahoo reportedly returning to his roots: according to recode there two research projects on new search algorithms, which are called Curveball and fast break run. Both have therefore high priority and be headed by prominent managers.

The time limit is only three to four months according to recode. Man, mobile head Adam Cahan and the Senior Vice President for platforms, Jay Rossiter involved about search-chef Laurie. That works with c, suggests that not just is Yahoo about a new Web search, which then could take the place of Microsoft's Bing, but an offer for mobile devices. These are already the focus of Marissa Mayer's strategy.

Details of the projects are not known, only the general orientation: one deals with algorithmic search, the other with search advertising. Yahoo did not comment on the report.

Yahoo has pledged 2009 ten-year use of Microsoft's search engine, while it retains control over the surface and sells advertising. Depending on sales and performance data, there is several opt for Yahoo. The deal with Microsoft ensures that currently 31 percent of Yahoo, CEO Marissa Mayer signed contract has distanced itself but from that of its predecessor Carol Bartz.

As a change to Google's search engine would be possible in the coming year - finally comes Mayer of Google. An own Web search on par with the two leaders could develop, however, hardly within a few months. Maybe Yahoo in new negotiations with Microsoft, but also gained additional freedom, to also in the backend to realize their own ideas.

[with material by Richard Nieva,]

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