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Review: Lenovo will take over Motorola only conditionally

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

US authorities should not necessarily stand in the way Lenovo's acquisition of Motorola mobility, but make some requirements. This assessment has received the Reuters agency experts. Thus, the Committee on foreign investment in the United will try to prevent States (CFIUS) too much influence of the Chinese Government.

The federal authority for CFIUS must also consider the acquisition for $2.91 billion, just like any other and tapping out on security concerns. She could, for example, prescribe that only U.S. citizens - take certain products in the hand or that certain production plants in the States must remain.

Lenovo facing a similar test due to the purchase of IBM's x 86 Server business. According to the cited experts, it is a considerable advantage that Lenovo knows the procedure, had bought it off but in 2005 business with PCs and laptops IBM. It had to do, as it took over the US software manufacturer of stone products and launched a joint venture with EMC also 2012 with the CFIUS. The approval of the regulatory authority it received in all of these cases.

"If there is a Chinese company that has a good chance to go through such a purchase, it is Lenovo", Reuters quoted security expert Jim Lewis of the think tank strategic and international studies. "They have ever performed the dance and know the steps."

Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang however explained the background of Motorola purchase, as well as his company's Smartphone plans to fortune. He described the deal with Google as a "very interesting love story". Lenovo had been interested in Motorola mobility, before Google took it over one and a half years ago for $12.5 billion. The objective is long-term, to overtake Apple and Samsung.

[with material by Lance Whitney,]

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