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Security researchers report issue in Samsung's Knox-software

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Security researchers report a flaw in Samsung's security platform Knox. This can enable supposedly malware, despite encryption to read E-Mails and to record data communication. Samsung has so far only the Wall Street said journal to you still investigate the matter, but think it is less severe than shown.

The warning comes from the Cyber Security Labs of the Ben-Gurion University, Israel. The researchers call the most advanced security infrastructure for mobile phones in their description of Knox at the same time. "Knox is a variety of companies and public authorities in the field, and therefore this vulnerability must be resolved immediately, before it falls into the wrong hands."

The technical details have made only Samsung available to University researchers. Discovered the doctoral student of Mordechai Guri in a project not directly related research, have the problem it is.

Knox is Samsung's push towards security-conscious companies that were previously mainly on BlackBerry solutions - including the Department of Defense, which already has declared the Samsung software suitable for use in government agencies. The safety platform includes high-level encryption, VPN and a possibility to be strictly separate personal and business data on a device. Knox developed security enhanced Android (SE Android) is based on the by the US National Security Agency (NSA).

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