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Significant bit coin value losses after trading halt at Mt. GOX

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The virtual currency of the Bitcoin broke last night from about 850 to 660 dollars, has recovered but easily and is climbed back on 732 dollars at least, if you go to the course index CoinDesk. Reason is considered to be the announcement of the major Japanese currency exchange Mt. GOX, due to a technical change from time to time to prevent all withdrawals.

The announcement of Mt. GOX was: "when trying to solve a problem with various Bitcoin withdrawals, found that the increase in Abhebeanfragen blocked our efforts at a technical level. To really understand the problem, we need to put the system in a static condition." Therefore, one suspending temporarily all payments.

How long your break to stop, didn't say the currency exchange. She announced just more information for Monday, February 10.

Ultimately, the problem seems but faster than expected to be resolved. On the website of CoinDesk at least the mention, users would have refunded withdrawals at Mt. GOX, who were in a State of limbo, in their virtual exchanges at Mt. GOX. Affiliated to the recovery occurred on 732 dollars.

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, but until 2011, the currency reached a greater degree of popularity. The rate rose then cent amounts to about $2. Early 2013 we paid roughly $20 per bit coin, but in April already 266 dollars. In December the rate $ 1100 was, and Bank of America acknowledged that had the potential to establish itself in the long term at 1300 dollars and to be "a significant number of method for E-Commerce" Bitcoin.

[with material by Lance Whitney,]

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