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Sony sold music Gracenote metadata service

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Sony has sold its shares in the metadata and music recognition service Gracenote. Customer is Tribune Co., which is paying 170 million according to the press release, the future better against its competitors, Rovi, in the field of digital entertainment set up to be.

The acquisition will be completed by March 31, 2014. 2008, Sony itself had paid $260 million for the service. It continued grace note as a separate subsidiary under the existing management.

Walkman was used at Sony as a unique selling proposition in the Android segment and complement the brand Gracenote. It is used - so recently in Microsoft's Xbox Music on a direct rival with Sony's PlayStation 3 System.

Gracenote on Microsoft's Xbox (screenshot:

Gracenote's current clients include Apple's iTunes and Amazon Cloud player that can't scan the collection of its users and expose them to respective cloud offerings, what each upload saves. Also TV and car entertainment systems rely on the database.

Gracenote emerged from the 1995 founded compact disc database (CDDB), which became profitable in 2001 and can be used only by applications registered since then. It is forgotten that the music Exchange Napster in 2001 tried to sort their offer in legal and non legal services with the help of Gracenote. Meanwhile, there is also a video and TV Division, whose offering about LGs smart TVs use with Gracenote.

[with material by Donna Tam,]

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