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Syrian activists hacking even Xbox Twitter accounts

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The Syrian electronic army hacked not only Twitter accounts for Skype and Microsoft news, but also for Microsoft's game console Xbox. Two Twitter streams, namely @Xbox and @XboxSupport, as well as the Instagram account of the Xbox Division were affected, as GameSpot reported.

The hacker group supporting the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has published the document in her own Twitter account also screenshots. In the accounts, she therefore left the news "Syrian electronic army was there" and "Game on!". More screen shots show that the hackers apparently had administrator rights for the Instagram account.

Microsoft had already on Saturday afternoon (US time) compared to said all accounts were reset and restored to its original state. The hackers would have no access to customer data.

The main attack was the Twitter account Microsoft news and the TechNet blog as reported yesterday. This Twitter account, the hacker group in not quite perfect English wrote: "you use non Microsoft's email services (Hotmail, Outlook). You monitor your account and sell the information to Governments. "#SEA @Official_SEA16."

Twitter is apparently the special hunting on Syrian hacker. Last year you were among the Twitter accounts of the British broadcaster BBC and the New York Times, the onion, the guardian, CBS, Reuters and Associated Press the victim please. On new year's day, it then hit Facebook and Twitter accounts of Skype.

[with material by Dara Kerr,]

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