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Toshiba Announces workstation SSDs with 19-nanometer NAND Flash

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Toshiba has expanded its SSD portfolio to the HG6 series which is designed for use in notebooks or workstations. As well, the new models as boot drives in servers, as well as for read-intensive enterprise applications should suitable. Use multi level cell NAND Flash, manufactures the Toshiba in a further 19-nanometer process.

The SSDs will be available in capacities of 60, 128, 256 and 512 Gbytes. Except two 2.5-inch versions with 9.5 (THNSxJyyyGBSU) or 7 mm height (THNSxJyyyGCSU) are also gehäuselose plug-in modules in form factors of mSATA (THNSxJyyyGMCU) and M. 2 double-side (THNSxJyyyG8NU/PAM) and M. 2 single side planned (THNSxJyyyGVNU).

The HG6 SSD series includes 2.5-inch models also plug-in modules in mSATA and M form factors. 2 (image: Toshiba).

All new releases support the SATA standard 3.1, which provides transfer rates up to 6 GBit / s. According to manufacturer, reach a sequential read rate by up to 534 MByte / s. The write speed is maximum 482 MByte / s.

The typical power consumption of 10 times 7 inch large 2.5-inch models is specified with the 3.3 Watts in operation and with 0.125 Watts in sleep mode. The caseless variants to settle with 2.7 and 0.065 Watts.

The mean operating time between failures (mean time between failures MTBF) specifies Toshiba for all SSDs with 1.5 million hours. The drives support the cache technology "Adaptive Size SLC Write" as well as the ECC process developed by Toshiba QSBC (quadruple Swing-By code), which is intended to prevent reading errors.

Still, the prices for the 19-nanometer SSDs of the HG6 family has not communicated Toshiba. Optional they are also using encryption to TCG available Opal 2.0.

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