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Twitter allows photos in direct messages

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Twitter has its apps for Android and iOS updated. Users of both programs can now send photos via a direct message, go with wiping between timelines and access messages by tap a new tab in the notification bar.

Switching between timelines by wiping it had been discussed before the IPO of the company as a future feature. Users can so between their home timeline, discover (Discover) and switching activity. Discover, however, contains tweets that people like to follow current trends and popular tweets, activity.

In addition, there are operating system-specific improvements. IOS, about in-app notifications are new, if others contact the user. And Android users now have a simple and quick way to activate system alerts for certain users. To do this you simply clicks on a star next to the name.

Although both mobile apps have been updated, pays Twitter but special attention to Android and has just last month "Android alpha program" launched, whereby it pre-release versions its Android software for test runs will be available. The participation is possible only on invitation.

Android has the advantage that allows apps to more possibilities for Twitter - and of course also for Facebook, Facebook home using it for its Launcher -. In addition it has set off worldwide market share with around 81 percent as iOS Smartphone operating system.


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[with material by Donna Tam,]

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