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US patent: Apple wants to ensure data exchange through biometric features

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

The U.S. patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published a patent submitted by Apple, which stipulates the use of biometrics to pair devices in a simple way and at the same time ensuring data exchange between them. The proposal not only fingerprints, for which a sensor is already installed in the iPhone 5 S, but also the recognition of IRIS, Palm, face or voice.

The patent application submitted in August 2012 runs that many users have multiple electronic devices and use alternately. This often results wishing to transfer, for example, music files, configuration files, documents, movies, or pictures data wirelessly. To do this safely, always cumbersome procedures are required before the data transfer, to pair the devices.

iPhone 5S with fingerprint sensor (image: CNET)

The request for U.S. patent 20140068725 called as a useful example, if a laptop and a Smartphone only connect after detection of biometrics and share folder for synchronization. Optionally it will be possible users to grant fine-grained rights for various data and to define each other biometric attributes for their access. For especially sensitive files, such as a fingerprint could poorly and be a successful iris-scan access condition.

Hackers could Apple's biometric security feature touch ID shortly after the introduction of the iPhone 5 S in September 2013 outwit, by they deceived the fingerprint scanner using commercially available materials. A fingerprint photographed from a glass surface was enough members of the chaos computer Club (CCC) doing to produce an artificial finger and unlock your phone.

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