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US University Sues Apple for A7 CPU of the iPhone 5 S

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

It has filed patent infringement lawsuit against Apple at the University of Wisconsin from Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). In the iPhone 5 and iPad air and iPad mini with retina display inserted A7 processor should unauthorized use a technique developed by employees of the University, which improves the "efficiency and modern computer processors".

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller presents the Apple A7 (image:

The questionable US patent 5.871.752 was awarded to Andreas Moshovos, Scott Breach, Terani Vijaykumar and Gurindar Sohi computer scientists in July 1998. It describes a circuit that can predict commands on the basis of previously executed commands and taking into account previous wrong forecasts.

The complaint according to the work of researchers as a "Milestone in the field of design and architecture of computer microprocessors viewed" is. As AppleInsider reports, the Chief Scientist Gurindar Sohi received the Eckert-Mauchly award, the "most prestigious award for computer architecture".

Apple should have integrated the technology in its 64-bit processor A7. The WARF assumed intent Apple also. The company got in several own patent applications the claimed right as "prior art" mentioned - as an existing technology. The evidence that it was known to him.

The WARF also claims the lawsuit was necessary because Apple have made it clear that it complete any licensing agreements with patent administrators as the WARF. Apple you now demanding damages, interest and reimbursement of Attorney's fees. The Court will also issue an injunction, prohibiting the Apple using the patented technology.

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