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Vodafone rejected free Facebook in developing countries

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Own according to Facebook, Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao gave a basket. The social network had proposed him according to Vodafone, to take out his data in certain poor countries from volume rates.

Facebook, which should have submitted his proposal in person by COO Sheryl Sandberg, wants to maintain in this way his explosive user growth. But in developing countries, costs for access are a major threshold.

For providers, Facebook sees the benefit that they get used to the customers to increased use of the data. The social network has signed allegedly had similar contracts with other operators. The Facebook clause often only applies to the first six months, it says. But, this argument could not convince Colao.

The Vodafone Chief carried out against the financial times he was sure that any content providers wish such an exception, this don't fit but to Vodafone's business model. "That makes no sense. There is no reason why I should give away capacity."

Colao said he was open-minded to a sponsorship model, in which the provider of the communications of its users comes up. Network operators are likely to prefer no partner but then: If you offer this to a company, it can be booked also their competitors.

Cheap Internet access in developing countries are also the target of, a foundation founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Also, Facebook is trying to reduce its traffic with a compression technique of the acquired company Onavo. It is expected that Zuckerberg will speak this month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona about progress in this area, where he holds one of the opening speeches.

[with material by Steve McCaskill,]

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