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Yahoo buys developer of the diary app days

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

Yahoo has bought an another start-up, to enlarge his Department for the development of mobile apps. The five employees of hiking now join Yahoo's team in New York. They were best known for the photo-diary app days.

The announcement of the acquisition can be found in the blog of hiking. The purchase price was not known, but of well $10 million, TechCrunch reported. The blog post by about those who use the users ' daily habits"hiking to typical formulations has already for Yahoo, want.

Hiking is just one of dozens of startups, Yahoo, Marissa Mayer has swallowed in the past six months. However, it seems unusual that the app days should continue to exist. It differs from a social network, by the way, that pictures a day are published together in one fell swoop and not constantly small status updates occur.

Yahoo had recently bought the start-up incredible Labs shortly before the turn of the year. A personal assistant for iOS named Donna in the style originated by him from Google now. Although Yahoo praised him in the highest notes, he was hired. The five-man team to work on Yahoo mail in the future.

Yahoo had to fight but also with hacker attacks on its E-mail service and malware of spreading advertising last year. In addition design improvements at Flickr and Yahoo mail arrived last year not as good as hoped for by the users.

[with material by Richard Nieva,]

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