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YouTube allows live streaming for all verified accounts

2014-03-21  |  Comebuy News

YouTube has revised the rules of use for its live-streaming feature. Now, all channels with phone verified account and impeccable reputation may broadcast live videos on the Internet. The intensify no matter more. In Germany, feature not available is because Interstate Broadcasting Agreement for live transmissions require a broadcasting licence.

Therefore only the also newly introduced, you can start a Google + hangout on air directly from the YouTube live event Manger remains German users. "This makes it possible to reach fans, live and is the perfect way to invite participants to your show," product manager comment Satyajeet Salgar and software developer Tim James on the YouTube blog.

Users can check their access status on their YouTube account page, in the menu "Kanna Lakshmi positions" under the item "Features". Once the live event option is available, it also appears in the video Manager menu. The introduction takes place within the next few weeks.

YouTube live offers with Google live-streaming capabilities for 2011 on its video portal, which were originally only selected partners and accounts available. Access received only a small number of accounts from the fields of music, sports, news and gaming. Condition was that the channels had at least 1000 Subscribers, before Google reduced the minimum number in August to 100.

YouTube reinforced pressure on competing providers, which function similar to provide consumers and businesses with the expansion of its live video streams. These include Brightcove, Ustream, and Livestream.

[with material by Steven Musil,]

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